Portable Keychain Charging Cable

Never be caught without a charging cable again, simply attach the magnetic cable to your key ring and go.

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Lucid Dreaming Supplement

Take charge of your dreams with the dreamleaf lucid dreaming supplement. The supplement uses a two pill approach that helps your body achieve the ideal conditions for lucid dreaming and improved dream recall.

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Digital Art Display

Easily bring an entire museum’s worth of masterpieces into your home using nothing more than this digital art display. This high-tech painting allows you to sift through entire collections on your phone and choose the one you want to wirelessly display on the dynamic canvas.

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Galaxy Wrapping Paper

Give your already awesome gift an out of this world touch by using this lush, vibrant galaxy wrapping pape

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Drawing Machine

Create beautiful and intricate works of art in no time with the help of this drawing machine. This carefully crafted machine’s build is small enough to transport and comes with 16 gears – capable of creating infinite designs.

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Color Changing Waterfall Faucet

Give your bathroom an eye-catching wow factor by installing this color changing waterfall faucet. This stunning piece comes with built-in temperature sensitive LEDs that change color depending on how hot or cold the flowing water is.

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Star Wars Tiki Cups

Add a geeky touch to your tropical fiesta with these Star Wars tiki cups. Each ceramic mug features a 14 ounce capacity and is available in 1 of 6 character designs including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and Yoda.

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Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Make your muggle offspring believe they’re headed for a life of excitement and adventure with this personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter. The message comes with the official letterhead in a sealed Hogwarts envelope along with an authentic train ticket.

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Air Bonsai

Create a gravity-defying miniature garden in your very own home by growing one of these floating bonsai trees. Available in a variety of styles ranging from pines to beautiful mosses, each tree utilizes the power of magnets to create an eye-catching visual effect.

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Self-Sustaining Aquarium Garden

Keep a delicious and healthy garden year round with this self sustaining aquarium garden. The kit includes everything you need to start your own miniature Eco-system.

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Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut, slice and dice without fear of injury with these cut resistant gloves. Made of food safe cut resistant materials, these are a must have for anyone who does a lot of kitchen prep work.

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Cat Pirate Costume

Give your cat yet another reason to loathe your existence by dressing him up in this cat pirate costume. This adorable ensemble goes over your pet’s two front legs and is made from a soft and breathable fabric to provide a comfortable fit.

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