Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher

No need to hide this fire extinguisher under the sink. Keep this uniquely designed, fully functional wine bottle fire extinguisher on the counter and close at hand.

Pumpkin Tap Kit

Pay proper homage to the most splendid season of all by featuring a pumpkin keg at your fall fiestas! This tap kit has everything you need to turn an ordinary pumpkin (or watermelon) into a pumpkin drink dispenser that will have your friends thinking you're more clever than Martha Stewart.


Bottle Loft Magnetic Bottle Holder

Free up valuable top shelf fridge space with the Bottle Loft Magnetic Bottle Holders. They'll make your fridge the coolest around.


Homemade Gin Kit

Embrace your inner lush with the Homemade Gin Kit. It contains everything you need to transform a generic bottle of vodka into a unique and delicious home-blend of your very own gin!


Beer Bottle Stein Lid

Instantly add a touch of class to your Bud Light Lime Strawberita while simultaneously keeping it clean and insect free.

Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

The Laughing Buddha Ice Mold makes 4 small, enlightened beings for your entertainment and for the chilling of your drinks. can be used for the creation of chocolates, candles, or whatever else you can make with your silicone mold. Namaste.

Pop ‘n Pour Beer Mug

Stop rummaging around that junk drawer looking for a bottle opener. The Pop 'n Pour Beer Mug keeps a bottle opener handy at all times.


Self Chilling Beer Glass

Keep your drinks frosty cold without getting watered down by ice with a pair of Self Chilling Beer Glasses.


Corkcicle Decapitator

With only a press the Corkcicle Decapitator removes bottle caps with ease. Your glass foes will tremble as you approach.


Winter Cocktails Guide

Whether you want to impress the family or just forget they exist, this Winter Cocktails guide has something for everyone.



Drinkwel is the first ever multivitamin created specifically for drinkers. At last, you won't need to feel guilty for drinking an entire bottle of wine.


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

No Need For Messy Table Salt, These Glasses Naturally Add The Perfect Nuanced, Salty Note To Your Favorite Tequila.