Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut, slice and dice without fear of injury with these cut resistant gloves. Made of food safe cut resistant materials, these are a must have for anyone who does a lot of kitchen prep work.

Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

Defrost frozen solid slabs of meat in mere minutes with the VonShef defrosting tray. The thermally conductive try dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your foods are ready to cook when you need them.


Dragon Cake Pan

Become the mother of cake-dragons without all that walking into a giant fire business with the dragon cake pan.


Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

The Laughing Buddha Ice Mold makes 4 small, enlightened beings for your entertainment and for the chilling of your drinks. can be used for the creation of chocolates, candles, or whatever else you can make with your silicone mold. Namaste.

8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Set

The 8 in 1 Kitchen tool set cleverly combines 8 useful kitchen tools into a convenient long necked bottle shape. Ideal for the cook who has limited kitchen storage.


Silicone Ice Cream Scoop

Sick of needing two spoons to scoop your ice cream? Eliminate the hassle with the Mastrad Silicone Ice Cream Scoop. Just press in the back of the scoop to release your delicious dessert.

Ninja Mug

Be ready to attack the day ahead by starting your morning off right, with the ninja mug. Includes a detachable hood, ninja star coaster and deadly stirring spoon.


Pop ‘n Pour Beer Mug

Stop rummaging around that junk drawer looking for a bottle opener. The Pop 'n Pour Beer Mug keeps a bottle opener handy at all times.


Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

Keep your knives handy while adding a professional and minimalistic touch to your kitchen.


If Daryl Dies We Riot Mug

The perfect crossbow-handled mug for fans of Daryl and The Walking Dead.


What Should I Make For Dinner Cookbook

An elegant solution to an everyday problem.


Trongs Finger Food Utensil

Okay, Trongs aren’t going to change your life. But they great at what they do: Keep your hands clean!