Self-Sustaining Aquarium Garden

Keep a delicious and healthy garden year round with this self sustaining aquarium garden. The kit includes everything you need to start your own miniature Eco-system.


Cat Pirate Costume

Give your cat yet another reason to loathe your existence by dressing him up in this cat pirate costume. This adorable ensemble goes over your pet’s two front legs and is made from a soft and breathable fabric to provide a comfortable fit.


Personalized Stuffed Animals

Forget about those lame caricature drawings, these personalized stuffed animals are soft and huggable mini versions of you! Available in many different sizes and styles, you can customize your mini stuffed animal to fit your interests and hobbies.


Hyperdog Ball Launcher

The Hyperdog Ball Launcher allows you to play the ultimate game of fetch, launching tennis balls up to 220 feet. Far enough to easily wear out even the most hyper dogs in a hurry!


Bioluminescent Dinosaur Pet

This little guy photosynthesizes during the day and produces a dazzling blue light via bioluminescence when played with at night.


Dog Play Tunnel

Keep your dog entertained for hours with this pop-up play tunnel by P.L.A.Y. Built to last and sets up and breaks down in seconds.


Dog Dryer

Quickly and easily dry off your wet dog using the Puff-N-Fluff dog dryer. Ideal for rainy days, after baths or even just to help them warm up after a cold walk.


Ruffwear Boots For Dogs

Keep your dog's paws safe from icy sidewalks or scorching hot pavement with Ruffwear's boots for dogs. Weather resistant to keep out moisture, the reflective trim provides night time visibility as well!



The EcoSphere Is A Totally Closed Self-Sustaining Ecosystem. This Fascinating Enclosed World Contains Marine Shrimp, Algae And Micro-Organisms. It Requires No Cleaning, No Feeding And No Water Changes.


Catnip Caves

Cats. They Love Bags, They Love Catnip. With A Catnip Scented Bag? All Bets Are Off.

Steampunk Guinea Pig Armor

This Custom Armor Is Designed To Comfortably Fit Your Guinea Pig While A Pair Of Graceful Leather And Brass Wings Majestically Spread Above.


Water/Nasty Dry Crap Mat

The Water/Nasty Dry Crap Dog Food Mat. It Says What Your Dog Is Thinking.