Portable Keychain Charging Cable

Never be caught without a charging cable again, simply attach the magnetic cable to your key ring and go.


Digital Art Display

Easily bring an entire museum’s worth of masterpieces into your home using nothing more than this digital art display. This high-tech painting allows you to sift through entire collections on your phone and choose the one you want to wirelessly display on the dynamic canvas.


Drawing Machine

Create beautiful and intricate works of art in no time with the help of this drawing machine. This carefully crafted machine’s build is small enough to transport and comes with 16 gears – capable of creating infinite designs.


Wilderness Survival Card

The Wilderness Survival Card is a set of tools and devices that are a “game changer” for somebody in a survival scenario. Includes six useful tools ranging from fish hooks to snare locks and sewing needles.


Alarm Clock Rug

Win your daily battle with the snooze button with this alarm clock rug. The genius design requires you to step on the soft memory foam rug with both feet for three seconds to shut off the alarm.


Tempescope Ambient Weather Display

The Tempescope is an ambient physical display that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. Based on weather forecasts taken right from your smartphone, it can reproduce tomorrow's sky in your living room.


Tire Traction Blocks

Avoid getting stranded when you run into adverse weather conditions by using these tire traction blocks. They easily attach to any wheel to provide added traction and get your vehicle out of the mud, snow, or sand without needing a tow truck.


Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

Defrost frozen solid slabs of meat in mere minutes with the VonShef defrosting tray. The thermally conductive try dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your foods are ready to cook when you need them.


Sleep Enhancing Light

Help get a blissful night’s sleep every time you lay down by placing this sleep enhancing light next to your bed. Originally designed to help astronauts manage their sleep cycles, it combines different types of LEDs to influence the level of melatonin in your body.


Personalized Stuffed Animals

Forget about those lame caricature drawings, these personalized stuffed animals are soft and huggable mini versions of you! Available in many different sizes and styles, you can customize your mini stuffed animal to fit your interests and hobbies.


Never Ending Singing Birthday Card

Make your loved one’s special day a little more memorable by driving them insane with this never ending singing birthday card. From the moment the card is opened it plays music nonstop until the battery dies hours later.


Trailer Hitch Hammock

Turn any parking lot into a peaceful relaxation area with the Trailer Hitch Hammock. It can comfortably fit two adults, just keep it under 55mph.